That only 25% of everyone who exercise in a gym see results. Of that 25%, 90% have a personal trainer. (Source: IDEA 2004)

70-80% of the people who start an exercise program drop out within the first two to three months. This is usually due to the fact that the participant has not developed the right program.

Total Body Training has a proven track record of client success. Read some of the testimonials that clients have written for us.

"I didn't realize that I wasn't working hard enough to see results" Sarah, 37, accountant

"My tennis game has improved drastically, and I have few injuries" Louse, 50, competitive tennis player

"I was so scared of using anything new because I thought that I would hurt myself. The Swiss ball is a blast" Mark, 32, firefighter

"My weight was gradually going up over the years and no amount of exercise was working to reduce the pounds until Nancy put me on a program that made a difference. I've now lost 45 lbs in 12 months, only 20 more to go!" Jolene, 57, retired

"I had no idea that a personal trainer could be of this much help to me. I exercised for years and thought I was doing a alright job until my husband purchased a few sessions with Nancy and I quickly learned that everything I was doing, I was doing wrong and ineffectively."Lauren, 42

These are just a few of the testimonials that clients have generously given to us. Many have seen results and continue to strive to make fitness a part of their own lifestyle. It becomes a way of life to create a fitness program that works for you and continually offers results.

   You deserve to give yourself the best gift of all, health and wellness.