Six weeks to a healthier, leaner and more fit you! The Quick Results Program was introduced after several years of hearing every reason why a client couldn't begin or adhere to a fitness program.

"I don't have time to exercise"
Everyone can manage to spare 45 minutes some time in the day for fitness and wellness. If you don't have the time, you need to make the time.

"I can't afford a trainer"
The Quick Results Program is the most affordable package offered at Total Body Training. With 13.5 hours of training during the 6-week period, it works out to just over $51 per session (one of our lowest hourly rates). We even offer an "easy pay" option, allowing you to make 2 payments. We also accept Visa and Mastercard.

"I don't have access to fitness equipment to workout on my own between sessions"
With 3 workouts a week catering to your specific fitness goals, you may not have to workout between your sessions.

"Nothing else has worked, why start now?"
Never give up. If nothing else has worked, keep looking for that magic solution. Your trainer will continually monitor you for results, and make changes as needed during the 6-week program to ensure that we've done our best to show you results.

You receive six calendar weeks of training, three times a week for 45-minutes per session with a Personal Trainer. The sessions are one-on-one and private.

If you miss a session, you will be charged, as this is a 6-week program. If you become ill during your 6-week program, your program will be temporarily suspended until you return. This suspension is only valid for up to 14 days without physician's notification, anything longer will require a medical note detailing why you will require more time. Please note that if you miss sessions or have to temporarily suspend your sessions, your results may not be as noticeable. Also, if you are planning a vacation, we suggest you begin this program when you return home; until then, purchase hourly sessions to get you started.

Although we cannot guarantee results; with every client we learn something new. Your results will vary. Here is what many experience during the 6-week program.
2-5% body fat reduction
5-10 lbs lost (providing a healthy diet was adhered to)
Increased muscle tone
Increased energy levels
Loose clothes
Adherence to an exercise program, perhaps that was never there before

What are you waiting for? Book your complimentary consultation to get you started, and begin enjoying the results!

6 weeks for only: $799.00   (tax will be added at purchase)