Hiring a Personal Trainer is something that many people choose to do for various reasons and it's not a luxury anymore, it's becoming a necessity. Personal Trainers can offer motivation, inspiration, education and accountability to anyone that needs it regardless of age or fitness level.

When hiring a Personal Trainer you should look for one that is certified and carries his or her own insurance. Asking friends, family and associates whom they would recommend or if they know of someone that works with a Personal Trainer. Don't be afraid to shop around taking into consideration things such as location, hours of availability, services and prices. There may be a trainer right in your neighborhood with low prices but if they don't offer you what you're looking for, and then you've lost your investment in time and money. Try to be flexible with hours as most Personal Trainers do work one-on-one with clients and only have so many hours in a day that they are available and some of the prime time hours fill sooner than others.

Total Body Training Centre is designed to be completely private. The studio contains all of the necessary equipment needed to facilitate you through a complete workout, regardless of your fitness level. You will appreciate the privacy of the studio as you work with your personal trainer without the distractions and intimidations usually experienced at other fitness facilities. There is no waiting for equipment and no-one listening to your personal information.

At Total Body Training Centre, we offer complimentary consultations. This is your chance to come in and take a tour of the facility, talk to a trainer about your goals, and ensure that we have the right package of training that will suit you and your budget. You will also be sent home with a questionnaire package to fill out and bring back before training begins. When your training begins we usually recommend 2 appointments for the first week, the first one is your assessment and the other will begin the training; from then on, you decide how many sessions you require.

We have many different Personal Training packages to choose from and during your complimentary consultation you and your trainer will choose the one that suits you best. Contact the training centre for more information and to book a consultation at your convenience.