Core Strengthening is becoming an everyday term that we must begin to accustom ourselves with. The "Core" muscles consist of the abdominals, upper, mid and lower back, pelvis, glutes and adductor muscles; the pectoralis and tricep muscles also work as "assistors" with various core exercises. Quite often we misunderstand that the cause of back pain is associated with a weak lower back when in fact it is just the opposite. The weak abdominal muscles often leave the back with all the work to do to hold our body and to carry on daily tasks. When we put excessive stress on our body doing things such as exercise or more physical daily tasks we place more demand on the back to help us carry out these tasks often creating an injury.

To strengthen the core muscles, we teach clients to associate their mind with the muscle that needs to work, therefore isolating it to maximize the workload. We can accomplish this with specific exercises that challenge strength, coordination and balance. Using pieces of equipment such as the Swiss ball, Bosu ball, free weights and tubing we create exercises that will build the core muscles and create more balance within the body. If you're not familiar with any of the equipment we use or perhaps are shy about using some of it because you're not sure you can, don't worry…you can do this.

During all personal training sessions, your trainer will work to teach you exercises that will engage your core muscles. You will be assessed for imbalances and weaknesses and then taught the appropriate exercises to correct your body. In no time you will become familiar with various pieces of equipment that will assist you in your workout and your trainer will be checking the form and execution of each exercise as you perform them.